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Hey there

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Hey there… cc…cutie.

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I don’t like the word, “Shit.” I think it’s ugly and overused and common. I’ve been saying it more often lately (*letting myself say it more often lately) and i’ve noticed it has little to no payback as to the clap of relief I’d expect to feel after saying it. “Fuck” is better for that. It’s slim and sharp whereas “Shit” is gooey and lazy – as a word, I mean, AS A WORD.

Recently I had a gmail conversation with someone where I substituted the word “stuff” with “shit” because I was angry and I felt cool for a second but then sent a follow up im apologizing for the ugly gratuity (I didn’t say “ugly gratuity” ’cause that’s a weird thing to say.) The person responded saying “You can say shit if you want.” I used this as a license to start using “shit” more when I’m upset. (Again, there’s little to no relief felt after saying it aloud.) I’m still on the fence on whether I should revert to my old self or just keep on going forward with this, but I honestly feel like this is _

‘CAUSE I KNOW PEOPLE who’ll say things like, I don’t know, like for example: “I don’t know what she does. PR or marketing or some shit” and I’ll think – unnecessary! SAVE that “Shit” for when you really need it. like “SHIT, it’s snowing” or

“Shitfuck” (mumbled or yelled.) <- An alltime favorite of mine that I choose to use at a minimum just so that I'm not defined by it. In the end, I really lean toward shitfuck because it's the only one that really sums things up in a clean way. Everything else, i.e. "Same shit" or "Some shit" or "No shit!" or "Holy shit" or "shit…" all remind me of doing a whole bunch of not moving around after consuming two giant boxes of Entenmann's gingerbread cookies. So, I'm not gonna use it unless I really need to.

Thoughts on Pretty in Pink

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1. Jon Cryer is a beautiful being.
2. Andrew McCarthy’s character might have emotional problems.
3. Andrew McCarthy’s hair style almost looks like mine.
4. Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer have similar pouty lips, cheekbones, and chins.
5. Molly Ringwald is beautiful.
6. I like Andrew McCarthy’s asshole friend. I’d like to dress up as him for one Halloween and I’ll even do his extremely unexpectedly low voice to stay in character.
7. I wish I could take Annie Potts’ character more seriously. Shame.
8. I. Love. The. Pink. Prom. Dress. I want it. And I’d make it tighter.
9. Molly Ringwald is beautiful, but I think I said that already.
10. If I didn’t like Jon Cryer, Molly Ringwald, the pink dress, and the song If You Leave so much, I’d say this movie is Eh. But I like these four things, so it’s better-than-Eh.

I drew this

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Yeah. Fuck fear, mannn

4:50 pm

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Uh-oh. Time for hard sex thoughts.

Valentines’y Drawings

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Hearts and stuff like that!


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