Thoughts on Pretty in Pink

1. Jon Cryer is a beautiful being.
2. Andrew McCarthy’s character might have emotional problems.
3. Andrew McCarthy’s hair style almost looks like mine.
4. Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer have similar pouty lips, cheekbones, and chins.
5. Molly Ringwald is beautiful.
6. I like Andrew McCarthy’s asshole friend. I’d like to dress up as him for one Halloween and I’ll even do his extremely unexpectedly low voice to stay in character.
7. I wish I could take Annie Potts’ character more seriously. Shame.
8. I. Love. The. Pink. Prom. Dress. I want it. And I’d make it tighter.
9. Molly Ringwald is beautiful, but I think I said that already.
10. If I didn’t like Jon Cryer, Molly Ringwald, the pink dress, and the song If You Leave so much, I’d say this movie is Eh. But I like these four things, so it’s better-than-Eh.


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