I have a thing about wedding cakes. Not the eating of ’em or all the marrying that goes on around ’em, but the bigness and the loudness. I’m a much bigger person that I appear to be, I’ve found out. I’m friggin’ huge and loud, but you’ll never know. Awesome. Juuust awesome. Therefore, I’m amazed by the aesthetics of a big, loud, bright pastry. To just look at it and admire it. And smile. This THING is consumable – not that we have to consume it. We don’t and we won’t.

I hated (still do) the eating-of-the-cake tradition at weddings – gives me the creeps. Who came up with it anyway? Feeding each other? Gross. Ridiculous. Juvenile. Baby-ish.

But, cakes. I like… looking.


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