Thoughts on the tattoo I want

Here’s absolutely why getting a tattoo right now is the worst idea – FOR NOW. Something about me: I’m insanely smart and make really great decisions and even though I really want something, I kind of have to… chhheck out the situation first. So here’s why getting a tattoo (even the one I want) is a horrible idea – FOR NOW.

Let’s rewind for a sec. I… own A LOT of earrings, ok? And I own A LOT of panty hose. Each pair is awesome in its own way. I’ve had experiences starting from way back in the day to… let’s say… fucking-yesterday where I’ve realized a sort of, how-do-you-say “I’m such a…friggin… noush sometimes!” Now don’t get me wrong – those earrings and those panty hose ARE me but I feel like there’s more, or more I gotta work on – like, BEYOND cool outerware. So, what that teaches me (because A. I’m smart as a whip and B. I make great decisions) is that making a bigger, longer-lasting change will not change the thing/things I hope’ll just change on their own. I will NOT change over night if I got this cool, amazing tattoo. (And, yes, it is cool. When I DO get a tattoo – when I’m ready – it will knock your socks off.) Damnit, I did it again. I CARED! You and your socks can both do whatcha want.

About the tattoo:
No, actually I’m not going to describe it. If you’re interested in this design, you can approach me – PEOPLE DO IT ALL THE TIME – and ask. Oh my god, asking questions is such a good thing, right? That’s my favorite.

But it’s not something I drew, either. I’m not that… into myself. This design’s been around for a long time, since I’d say… the year 406. But I assure you the design means a lot to me and that’s one I won’t mind sticking around for a while, or forever, whatever tattoos do.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the tattoo I want”

  1. gunk-a-hayr Says:

    406, eh? Eh? No, not eh, right? But that timing is quite Mashtotsian, isn’t it…

    • Haha it is Mashtotisan. I like Eh a lot. Don’t worry nothing crazy like Dzuh or Toh or Ghad. Oh wow this is fun spelling them all out.

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