ANOUSH. What would you say to young aspiring sandwiches who want to make it in the industry?

PB&J. My general rule of thumb? Keep it simple. A lot of what we’re seeing right now is a lot of “trying to be complex for the sake of being complex” and it’s just not sustainable.

ANOUSH. What are your goals for this next coming year?

PB&J. To appeal more to the upper crust.

ANOUSH. What would you consider your biggest achievement?

PB&J. Having a song dedicated to me. I’d do ANYTHING for David Amram.

ANOUSH. Anything that surprised you about the workplace when you first started out?

PB&J. Yeah. That some people really enjoy pulling you apart. And they start abbreviating your name, too. It’s very jarring.

ANOUSH. Any words of wisdom for people who’re following in your footsteps?

PB&J. Yeah. Speak up when you need to speak up and remember: believe in your own ideas especially if you want them to stick.


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