ANOUSH talks to a PICKLE

ANOUSH. What was it like on your first day?

PICKLE. Oh wow, pretty jarring. They were all like “Jump in!” And I was like, “Allllright, guess I’m doin’ this.”

ANOUSH. What made you wanna make the switch in the first place?

PICKLE. My peers at the time.

ANOUSH. Were they mean to you?

PICKLE. No, just very boring. Sensible – that’s the word. It was friggin’ Sense and Sensibility every day.

ANOUSH. Yeah, I guess getting tossed around all the time… I’d imagine it wears on you.

PICKLE. It’s just not Kosher.

ANOUSH. Definitely not. Now look at you – you’re hot stuff.

PICKLE. Thanks! I’m all about self-preservation.

ANOUSH. It’s funny ‘cause you look exactly the same.

PICKLE. Well, I mean, it’s still “me” – there’re just some things I just won’t DO anymore…. I mean, I’m not bitter or anything.

ANOUSH. No, of course not.

PICKLE. I just couldn’t let my creative juices flow, you know?

ANOUSH. Yeah, you gotta let it flow.

PICKLE. And after a while I was like “No!” I will NOT strip down to my bare bottoms and go to pieces just for the sake of mixing in.

ANOUSH. Good for you!

PICKLE. Time to develop some thicker skin.

ANOUSH. Exactly!

PICKLE. Start swimming in cooler waters.

ANOUSH. Here here!

PICKLE. Bring joy to ALL men and women – pregnant and non.

ANOUSH. Ohhhhh wow, imagine if you’d never jumped in…

PICKLE. Ugh, it gives me bumps just THINKING about it.


2 Responses to “ANOUSH talks to a PICKLE”

  1. raisin' hall Says:

    sweet yet sour at the same time. sorta snappy. crispy. f#cking brilliant

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