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One small haircut

Posted in anxiety, drawings, monsters on September 27, 2010 by Anoush

I got this haircut and I wanted to do it for a while. But once I looked at myself in the mirror after it was all over, I thought ohhhhnoooo I’ve ruined myself for goddamn ever! So, in short…(HAHA!…short) I suffered from having lots of regrets and fears from this minor, chin-length change. I dealt with it by realizing I’m still the same person who’s beautiful inside as well as out and… honestly, though? I dealt with it through drawing pictures. There’s really nothing to deal with – it’s hair. Jeez.

So, check out these happy people:

Did I ever tell you I wanted to be a hairdresser? No? Oh my God we still know so little about each other – you and I. One day I’ll show you my French twist. You’re gonna freak.

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Posted in drawings, Food, monsters on September 23, 2010 by Anoush

Every time I’m seen peeling a grapefruit I’m asked “Is that a grapefruit?”
Then I look at it (just to make sure) and say, “Why yes.”
Then they ask, “Are you on a diet?”
Then I say, “Why, no. I just enjoy the taste.” (But no one says “I enjoy the taste” anymore – that’s like horse and buggy talk. So I just give ’em a succinct “No.”
Then they ask, “Where do you get your grapefruits? (C’mon, Anoush, Let’s talk about fruit! Why can’t we talk about fruit! Let me in!”)

Meanwhile, look at these weird friggin’ people:


Posted in random on September 22, 2010 by Anoush

Grown up things I did very, very recently:
-Mailed a check – CERTIFIED MAIL.
-Made an eye doctor appointment for myself – FOR A CHECK UP.
-Put gas in the car.
-Drank orange juice (FOR THE POTASSIUM)
-Did not doodle during non-doodling times.


For the birds, mannnn

Posted in drawings, monsters, random on September 21, 2010 by Anoush

Mature things I did today:
1. Made a to-do list . A personal to-do list.
2. Wrote checks. Multiple checks.
3. Said “Pardon me” a couple times.

You known when you’re like, “Hey what’s up?” And they’re like “Eh, it’s Monday…” and you’re like “Yeah…” but inside you’re thinking “Who cares if it’s Monday!” But they go on being all like: “Four more days til the weekend.” And you’re like “WHAT! You’re setting yourself up for some rough times, man!”

Meanwhile, check out this guy…