One small haircut

I got this haircut and I wanted to do it for a while. But once I looked at myself in the mirror after it was all over, I thought ohhhhnoooo I’ve ruined myself for goddamn ever! So, in short…(HAHA!…short) I suffered from having lots of regrets and fears from this minor, chin-length change. I dealt with it by realizing I’m still the same person who’s beautiful inside as well as out and… honestly, though? I dealt with it through drawing pictures. There’s really nothing to deal with – it’s hair. Jeez.

So, check out these happy people:

Did I ever tell you I wanted to be a hairdresser? No? Oh my God we still know so little about each other – you and I. One day I’ll show you my French twist. You’re gonna freak.

Hey, thanks for stopping by!


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