This happened more than once

Hey kids, I now have this recurring nightmare. Check it out:

So first, lemme just say it’s not so much the turn of events that keep on repeating, it’s more of the place that keeps coming up. Ok, here it is.

And also lemme just say I don’t really care about interpreting it or figuring out what it means or the role it’s supposed to play in my daily, non-asleep life. OK, so here it is:

Oh, and finally lemme just say it scares the huzzuh-balloos outta me. Ok, ok:

So, the way you get there is you drive up this road in my town, but you keep going North – like really far North until it becomes Pretend. It gets cold in an upstate-kinda way and you’ll pass a volcano on your right where only steam erupts and the grass and trees become this bluish-green color in a Connecticut kinda way. (But it’s not Connecticut.) You’ll also pass this really tall and skinny stone mountain that no one should ever climb ’cause it’s creepsville. So the road keeps going and the only way you can go any further is by going through (driving through) a red door to this house that apparently everyone has to go to in order to get to the other side. And the people who live in this house are:

1. A little, Jiminy Cricket kinda guy who’s about 60 who’s kinda the leader of the group.
2. A “nice guy” who kind of looks like Frasier.
3. TWO hot, blonde sisters one of whom wears a red hoodie at all times with stockings and no pants – ever.
4. A hot blonde woman in her fifties – probably their mom.
5. A brother to the “nice guy” who looks exactly like him except being 40 or 50 lbs heavier.

They’re all super-religious and incestuous, have orgies, and have meetings led by the Jiminy Cricket guy about what’s new in the world. They never leave the house and they kind of want to know more about me. They have a gross couch that I have to sit on ’til I get to leave or wake up.

It’s, I dunno, weird. And these folks keep coming back.


One Response to “This happened more than once”

  1. Find out what they want you to do for them. Then ask what they’ll do for you in return.

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