Some *REAL* entertainment

I rode a lot of trains this weekend and in my waitings around or needings to not hear loud LIRRers (and to entertain myself) I bought some Mad Libs. What I ended up doing was filling out page after page and came up with some really amusing stories. And I’m here to share them. So, grab a Nilla cookie, sit on the carpet, and have a listen. (It’s Dance Mania Mad Libs.)


You’ve always dreamed of growing up to ba an ITALIAN professional dancer, with audiences giving you ACCENTUATING ovations and showering the stage with CURLING IRONS which DRUNK dancing career will you choose?

– A prima HIGH HEEL for a BONEY ballet company. You’ll leap, twirl and BONE across the stage in a SEXY tutu.

– A famous BRA-ette who dances at V-NECK City Music Hall. Your BEARDED high kicks will be known throughout the PIZZERIA!

– A competitive ballroom NECKTIE. You’ll glide along wearing a floor-length FATHER whil your partner carries a long-stemmed FISH in his mouth.


Greetings, fans! Today I’m going to blog about my photo shoot for CRUSTY Girl magazine. When I got to the HOT set, they immediately sent me to wardrobe, where the stylist outfitted me in a HYENA print dress, a pair of high-heeled BUTTS and gorgeous HYDRANGIA shaped earrings. Next, the hairdresser put hot JEGGINGS in my hair to make it look full and LATE. The makeup artist then put blush on my TAILBONE and chose an UNDERAGE lipstick to bring out the color of my RETINAS. I felt prettier than a GLASS as I posed PLAIDLY for the photographer. At the end of the shoot, they told me I had done a really QUEAZY job – and that I’d definitely be on the cover of the 80s magazine. So, DEAD OR ALIVE fans, keep your BACK BONE peeled for my DONG-CRAZY face at a newsstand near you!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Anoush & Monster


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