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Pink, Green, and Fucking Baby Blue

Posted in random with tags , , on April 14, 2009 by Anoush

My favorite part about this Sunday (Only favorite part) was when my cousin did a “c’mere” gesture with her head. Well more of a “meet me in there in two minutes” kinda thing. Children running around eating chocolate screaming, banging on glass table tops with the wrong people doting on them and finding it all too cute. I may have said (I don’t remember for sure) “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to shoot you.” (Ha-ha just kidding! you’re cute yes you are!)

I gave my little girl cousins (Different from above) dresses that I’m ‘letting go” – sheer black dresses and they loved ’em. They weren’t the ones banging on glass table tops. I was looking forward to watching them open the bag and mouthed “I’m sorry” to my aunt. But they NEED it you know? A little dress-up in the house never hurt anyone. Morning; cereal; cartoon; leopard dress.

Speaking of leopard dresses my cousin room (different from above) has leopard everything. Wallpaper, lamp, carpet, blanket, dresser with perfumes and high heels on the floor. When I was born she was in high school and had purple hair. I noticed she and I were dressed alike. My highlights have gone platinum and black everything else. She was all black too, just coming back from outside where she was yelling a lot of Motherfucker on the phone and I found out the “c’mere” gesture from before was not an invitation to talk about me (And thank god!) Cause I was fine. Tired, cold, but mostly cause of a late train ride home. A night of funny positive energy candy that i’m gonna suck on for the next couple days if… if nobody minds… Everything else can shove it.

In the Leopard room, I listened. It’s what you do. I’m helping YOU without actually FIXING YOU <- That’s it. (I’m not a fan of the “I Told Ya So”‘s – the people not the phrase.) As she talked, I saw glimpses of non-leopard sides of my cousin while every so often being interrupted by women coming in following their little, important kids seeing if they left their chocolate cross in here somewhere. Or a pink purse. Purse. Pink. Pink.

The leopard room was where all the coats were so NATURALLY we’d be interrupted, you know, with an occasional “Did i leave my chocolate cross in here?” (THERE’S CHOCOLATE CANDY ALLOVER THIS HOUSE – IN *MANY* SHAPES AND SIZES. EAT A CHOCOLATE EGG – IT’LL TASTE EXACTLY THE SAME AS A CROSS – TRUST ME. TRUSSST ME.) (AND? My cousin’s talking in a way I’ve never heard before. Talking talking talking. Eye contact. Crazy eye contact. And I’m holding onto it. Hiding from the kid-crying, food-and-church-Armenian-about-talking; The that’s-too-big-a-piece-for-me, what’re-you-up-to-now deep-dish kinda pink noise found everywhere else.)

If nobody minds, we’re gonna do the real kinda talking here. (And that pink purse you were looking for, well, I ate it.)